Full Life Half Life Missing Life
A Tale of Two Geeks


We are Brandy and Harry, two married geeks who like to talk about geek stuff. We want to share that love with you, while we drink…. and probably argue about Batman.

How did this get started? Well, one day, we were arguing about some comic book character or another, and our friends told us that we were hilarious. Our friends wouldn’t lie to us, would they? No? Maybe? Whatever. We decided to run with it. So, we got together with an amazing graphic artist person that we know (Nathan Lee – he is the CEO of his own webdesign company – Code Authors – which also manages this page. They are amazing!) and our amazing friends who knows how to edit (Buddy Mathis – he is also a geek and will be on our show doing his own segment and Brandon Green who is also a major nerd) and we started this thing.

Basically, we put out a new podcast every week where we drink, curse, and talk about the geeky stuff that we love. We often threaten one another with divorce and other random things. We invite our friends to come on and talk about their geek stuff, too.  In a nutshell – it’s GeekFest up in here…. or Geek-a-palooza…. or something like that.

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