Full Life Half Life Missing Life
A Tale of Two Geeks


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Episode 21 Adult Cartoons
Episode 22 Adult Cartoons Part II
Episode 23 D&D Pro-edition
Episode 24 Drew, the Geek Virgin
Episode 25 A homage to Mel Brooks
Episode 26 SFX with Angelina
Episode 27: The punisher
Episode 28 Black Panther
Episode 29 Monty Python
Episode 30 Part I: Ready Player One: The Book
Episode 31 Part II: Ready Player One: The Movie
Episode 32: Our Geek Master, Stan Lee
Episode 33: Infinity Wars
Episode 34 An Evening with Kevin Smith
Episode 35 Deadpool II
Episode 36 Cult Classics
Episode 37 Cult Classics II
Episode 38 Horror with Matt
Episode 39 _____ vs. Thanos
Episode 40: Star Wars live from Hypericon
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