Full Life Half Life Missing Life
A Tale of Two Geeks


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Episode 109: ZOMBIES (video)
Episode 109: ZOMBIES (audio)
Episode 108: Lions, and tigers, and bears – OH MYYYYY (video)
Episode 108: Lions, and tigers, and bears – OH MYYYYY (audio only)
Episode 107: Comic Review
Episode 106: The power 3: our most sociopathic friend
Episode 105: Geek News
Episode 104: The power, revisited
Episode 103: Comics do what?
Episode 102: How Harley got her groove back
Episode 101: Witch, what?
Episode 100: The Power (audio)
Episode 100: The Power
Episode 99: End of a Saga Part II
Episode 1 Marvel Vs. Dc
Episode 2 Marvel Vs Dc II
Episode 3 Tuesdays with Buddy
Episode 4 D&D
Episode 5 Gaming Session
Episode 6 Horror Fest Movies
Episode 7 Horror with Buddy
Episode 8 The best of Horror TV
Episode 9 Marvel vs DC III
Episode 10 Marvel VS DC IV
Episode 11 Comic Book Television
Episode 12 An homage to Kevin Smith
Episode 13 Geeky Books
Episode 14 Harry Potter Mania
Episode 15 Marvel vs. DC V: the final battle
Episode 16 Doctor….. Who?
Episode 17 Geek 101
Episode 18 Dragonball
Episode 19 Game of Thrones
Episode 20 Saturday Morning Cartoons w/ Jay
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